The Danube Cycle Path runs mostly on both sides of the Danube , but sometimes only on one side, so that during the journey the Danube has to be crossed several times. It follows an ancient Roman road which was part of the Roman military border along the Danube , which connected the stations, castles and fortresses to the Danube Delta.

The Danube flows through landscapes of great diversity and several mountains . The cycle path is enriched by many castles, monasteries, ornate buildings, geological features and well-known cities. Also some nature reserves are part of the route and the cycle path often runs on flood plains.

Our starting point is Passau “City of Three Rivers” where the Danube is joined by the Inn from the south and the Ilz from the north.

Getting to the Start (Passau)

From Munich we were able to catch a train to Passau in just over two hours. We had also booked the 8-days cycling trip with Austria Radreisen which was effectively 6 cycling days. From Passau’s train station we walked to our accommodation (Hotel Spitzberg) with luggage in hand. On arriving at the Hotel they gave us a travel pack from Austria Radreisen with details of the accommodation they had organized, the bike route etc..

Day 1… Passau to Gasthof-Pension Luger – Radurlaub am Donauradweg (31.3 km)

We enjoy a nice breakfast at the Hotel Spitzberg, Passau and await the arrival of our bikes from Austria Radreisen. Our bag are packed ready for Austria Radreisen to pickup and drop off at our next destination. The weather is great and when Austria arrive they setup out bikes for our liking and give us a quick run down on the bike.

Off we go and years of keeping left whilst cycling in Australia are hard to break but eventually i am able to stay on the right hand side without little premeditated thought.

The bikes ride well and the bike paths are exceptional as we cruise into our accommodation (Gasthof-Pension Luger).

In hindsight we should have looked out to cross the river via ferry at “ATO Kramesau Uferhäusl” which we ended up doing the following day to visit Stift Engelszell.

Gasthof-Pension Luger – Radurlaub am Donauradweg

Day 2… Gasthof-Pension Luger to Linz (89.55 km)

The day starts off with us dropping our bags off to be ready for pickup by Austria Radreisen and enjoying a wonderful breakfast.

Unfortunately we need to back track a little today as we missed visiting Stift Engelszell, the only Trappist monastery in Austria. It was founded in 1293 and has a very eventful history behind it. The collegiate church with its 76 m high tower is one of the stylistically purest rococo churches in Austria and was built between 1754 and 1764.

Day 3… Linz to Grein (65km)

Day 4… Grein to Melk (59km)

Day 5… Melk to Tulln (83 km)

Day 6 Tulln – Vienna (approx. 40.9km )