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Nelson Bay is a coastal town (pop 5,800) popular with holiday makers located 200km north of Sydney and a easy 3 hour drive. Nestled on the southern shores of Port Stephens and often gets confused with surrounding areas of Salamander, Collette, Shoal Bay, Fingal Bay and Soldiers Point which are all contained within Port Stephens.

Nelson Bay offers some great family friendly beaches such as Dutchmans Beach and Little Beach along with an assortment of water activities along with other nearby areas mentioned above.

In 1812 Governor Macquarie visited with an eye to establishing a settlement which never eventuated but a group of Chinese fishermen established a base there early in the 19th century. It wasn’t until 1874 a survey of Nelson Bay was carried out with it’s post office and school established in 1883. By 1886 there were about 30 residents. The town lived peaceful life based around fishing. During WWII, the Australian and United States militaries established bases around the area as it was seen as a strategically important with country’s biggest steel-producing facilities in Newcastle just over 50km’s away. Over the last 60 years the tourism industry has developed around it’s beautiful beaches and surrounds. Also the increasing popularity of coastal retirement has driven development.

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